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These paintings contain the essence of Mother Earth's own messages which can be observed in nature. We might not always perceive the messages being given to us when out walking in nature, but hopefully these paintings might make you stop and be more aware, to be in the moment and to see or feel what advice is being offered to you.

Please have a look at these paintings and gifts, all of them have a message for you.
ABOUT ME - Steve Davis the artist within my heart.

From a very young age I have always had a passion for painting and creating from my inner being. With our abilities to listen to our inner voice, when painting, drawing, sketching, doodling etc, in this peaceful space the creation on page takes form. The emotions we have in the moment are on the pages or canvas for all to see. This gift that we all have inside us can be a a great healing aid when feeling lost, or alone, or fearful etc. To go within and bring out what it is that you might not even know that makes you feel or act this way.

I became a Graphic Artist for a career, and still am, less so now in these circumstances in 2021. I was very young when I made this choice to be a graphic artist. I knew I had a gift but didn't feel confident and had listeted to others instead of believing in myself. I hadn't explored the possibity that I maybe needed to be more creative from my soul than my mind. Here I am now in my 50s. I have done more paintings in the last few years. Some with passion and tears flowing from me whilst working on my stuff, which I will upload later, but for now I am creating these images you can see that have come from within and the inspiration of Nature, Mother Earth and the Elementals of the planet. Gratitude and deep thanks to our amazing world we live on.

The Oracle Set is, as I said, inspired by Mother Nature and the hidden messages everyday. They have been known of since the beginning of time when humans were conscious of the environment they lived in. The messages on the cards to come are ones I have researched. The painting titles were given to me and in a specific order and relevent to my and my nearests emotionals envioronment at the time. The message I give on this website is that with the inner gifts we have of painting, drawing, singing, dancing, sketching, writing, whatever it is that brings the light back inside you, thyen do it. By yourself, with family, in a group however it looks, but let it happen and shine!

We don't have to be the amazing, professional artists expected and cricised by others to do this. To just be your own master and to be strong enough to not let the old internal patterns of bahaviour, the old beliefs that we grew up with, the harsh judgements, critics and all the unspoken projections from others. This is something ANYONE can do to express their feeling and emotions.

I hope everyone seeing these paintings and can find a piece that you would call "special". Whether due to the colours used or the personal connection you have with an animal or tree (the messages we know subconsciously within us) then please enjoy them and if you would like to purchase a printed copy or a gift item, as explained in the gifts section then please do get in touch. I look forward to receiving each and every person that wants to reach out with any comments.

Like me and my journey with painting and life, this website will expand and there will be more and more messages given to you in each piece.

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